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My Latest Design
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Forever In Our Hearts Book Card & Stand

Monday, 27 September 2010

My 3D Tree Design updated

This post is to everyone concerned regarding My New 3D Christmas Tree .

I work very hard indeed to create what I think is unique and not in the market currently for sale and I personally think I have done a damn good job so far without any problems to anyone else who also sells GSD designs. I try my hardest to look what everyone else is selling so I don't cross that line when making my templates to sell either here or on my website, or anywhere else I happen to sell

It has been brought to my attention that ~~~ Someone~~~ have been reporting to another GSD seller That I have copied their template!The 3d Christmas Tree.
Well for all those that need to know I Have NOT COPIED designs from anyone else.

And whats more I don't suppose anyone who did the reporting noticed I had already designed a 3d Christmas Tree and it had been featured on the homepage of UKS back in 2008. And infact the very first person to show their tree was Linda and that was approx 6 months before I designed mine. you can view the exact date as All my templates are date stamped on my website and this wa uploaded to there in oct 2008..was also added for sale on UKS 12/10/2008.. So with all that said I could say mine's been copied!!!

This particular template I have now updated which I may add has been in the designing stage for approx 6 months should anyone wish to visit and see the date on the uncut file folder I have on my pc.. Are welcome to do so!

I am absolutely devastated that anyone chose to go behind my back and not mention to me or even look in my galleries where all my templates have dates on when they were uploaded.

The Mechanics are the same as the very first tree I designed All that's been changed are the small branches which is why it took 6 months to prefect ..

So if you would like your 3D tree you can purchase it right here
Or you can still purchase the older version here

And for all that wish to leave anonymous messages your IP address can be traced.


Debsg said...

So sad to read this, some people can be very cruel.

tina kuhlmann said...

that's just terrible. i love all thaqt i have purchased from u. ur items are so orignal i don't see how anyone could say that, i'm so sorry

Anonymous said...

Tina your designs are one of a kind, so creative and always creative.

Its so sad that this can happen!!!

Melita said...

I've never bought from you as i have only just come across your wonderful blog , but felt i needed to leave a reply . It is sad that some-one has gone behind your back and reported you , why could they not send you a personal e-mail and let you know of their concerns ? ..I dislike people who do things such as this , its nasty and mean ! .. From what i have seen of your blog and your designs they are beautiful and you can see what hard work you have put into each design . I wish you well for the future and keep your design's coming , i love them . Hugs Melita xx

Anonymous said...

Some people are so cruel, always looking to start trouble. Most times it is just out of jealousy!! Don't let these people get to you, I know it's easy for me to say because it is happening to you and not me. :) Everyone can see how much work goes into your designs. Don't let them bring you down.


Somerset Wedding Girl said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble! Just so you know I think your card is beautiful, and unique!

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