My Latest Design

My Latest Design
Cascading Swan Wedding Door..

Forever In Our Hearts Book Card & Stand

Forever In Our Hearts Book Card & Stand

Monday, 31 May 2010

Double Trouble

Two Prams, Two Shopping bags, Two Booties, and two tags.

I designed this in inkscape and exported as a bitmap then reopened in paint and saved as jpeg to retrace in robo master as I always find the cut cleaner and quicker. I then re sized it and cut all the elements within the template on my craftRobo. With the exception of the small booties which are a sizzix die.

I used the rose embossing folder to the hood and the cover of the pram to give it some texture, I used pin flair findings for the wheels on the outside and made little boxes to go between the wheels to hold it in place...

Organza ribbon threaded through the tags just for added beauty..

Thanks for looking..

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cherry Blossom Wedding Door

Another for Weddings here.. Full of Cherry Blossoms to the front , also the front folds back on itself to look like a Garden gate effect and also bows out. Inside you will find a Stoned patterned arch with Bride and Groom each standing inside the arch, also has a patterned partition.. Will also have the wedding Sentiment within your template I just forgot to add when I was cutting.

I have designed this in inkscape But because of the intricate detail I have saved some as DFX and doesn't cut as quick or quietly as the exporting, But it's Beautiful when fully made and you can add more blossoms if you so wish, I have only added a few due to time commitments.

I have cut from pink and white perfumed card which is 200 gsm on speed 10 and thickness 27, Oh and I nearly forgot pink cap.... I never change my cap I know I am naughty but it's easier for me to work this way.

As always Thank you for looking and your comments would be appreciated if you have time to leave one.

Template is now available from my website

Monday, 24 May 2010

Oh Forget-Me-Not !!!!

Just stunning this Door card, Designed in Inkscape and exported then retraced in robomaster as I tend to find it cuts quicker.. The flowers are all separate elements so they look as the forget-me-not should look..

But the star of the show has to be My Very Special Lady Jan.... She always make such a beautiful job of all I ask of her, Nothing is too much trouble and her work is outstanding every time.. As I am sure you will all agree..

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I thought my blogg need a make over so I have changed the theme...

Hope you like it... And watch for more freebie file templates...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Cascading Fuschia's

This is my latest Design The 3D Fuschia Door Card, I designed in inkscape and it's been cut and assembled by Jan My special lady, she knows just how to make a card..

Available from my website here if you would like to purchase..

Free Heart

Something quite simple but could be made to be very intricate on a card..
Personal use only please and if you would be so kind as to leave your comments they would be appreciated.. I know exactly how many people download But don't get that many comments..

So if you do have time please just a little thank you would be lovely...

Have fun

SVG ONLY HERE but you can open in Inkscape and re save as DFX to use with other cutters..

Saturday, 15 May 2010

My Disney Girls

Doesn't seem possible that these two Beautiful girls were born in November just gone, The time is passing so quickly and everyday they learn and do something New..
Megan-Jayne and Ava-Lilly are now 5 months old... And on 3 meals a day plus their milk..

I want them to stay just as they are Innocent and Beautiful

Friday, 14 May 2010

Adorned with Lattice

Just look at this...........A master piece even if I do say so myself.. I was very apprehensive as to what this would look like cut and assembled but really I had no need.. It's Beautiful!!
The dimensions are 6 inches high by 9 inches wide..

And Jan ...........Well she makes everything she touches Beautiful..

Available @ In GSD and SVG format.....

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Another Design now available @ My mojo has come back in leaps and bounds now I am putting that down to Jan returning after being ill and not having her ROBO, but all that's changed now she's back and so am I...
Another one on the go for tomorrow so make sure you check back to see it......
Designed in inkscape and obviously cut on craftRobo.. I always export my designs from inkscape I personally think the cut is quicker..

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Latticed Flap Door Card

Well I am definitely back now designing, I had a big lull as I really couldn't be bothered But I am now back on track...

This is the latest Design from me... Cut and Assembled again by Jan oh how I missed her..

It's in the store now Come pay me a visit.. SVG format too

Monday, 10 May 2010

Jan's Back!!!

Oh Have I missed her... It's been what seems ages without her, She has been quite ill.. and also without her ROBO So here's my latest Designs ... Cut and asembled by Jan

Dolphin Door and the Engagement Ring Card

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Fancy Topper Freebie

Just a quickie for you... Please leave a comment if you download....


Monday, 3 May 2010

Fantasy Land FREEBIE

Is where I'd like to be most of the time.... Unfortunately I am only there in my dreams..

Only available as svg for now I am afraid, But you can convert to another format if you need too.

Personal use only please and if you have the time to leave a comment that would be great..

Thanks for visiting

SVG HERE or here

Mother's Day 3d Basket

Mother's Day 3d Basket

Summer Flower Wreath

Summer Flower Wreath