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My Latest Design
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Forever In Our Hearts Book Card & Stand

Friday, 1 May 2009

National Scrapbooking Day

Yes that's right Today is national scrapbooking day and today I have files to share for FREE .........
For those that can't Download you have to click your file format and then it take you to another screen and on the right it say's download

So I have this card below in all 6 formats THIS ONE

Now go check out the other Designer's Blogs to see what they have in store for you.........

Eddita is here

Jen's is here
Carrie's is here

Jenniebeans is here

Lori's is here

Sam & Hailey here

Ileana is here

Shelly's is here

Shirley's is here

Go get your free files But remember Please don't forget to say THANK YOU.


Diane said...

I love this. Thank you very much for the freebie.

Elizabeth said...

THANK YOU :) Thanks for the gorgeous file Tina :)

Jnett said...

This may be a double post, but I just wanted you to know I love your files. Also thank you for sharing today.

Darla said...

Love this file (as I always enjoy your files)!! Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I LOVE this file but it's not letting me download it!!! Can someone help me? Thank you :)

~ Amanda H

Kamey V said...

Thank you for the files. It is not letting me download the file either. Please help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tina, very unique.

Esther W-B

Crafty Sue said...

Thanks for the freebie card. Love the detail in your cards. Your blog is awesome. Will definitely be visiting often.

Maria Jesus said...

Hi Tina
thanks for sharing :) the nice freebie :)


Jamie S said...

I would love to have the file, but your free server keeps saying there is no more free space to download. I clicked about 200 times on .wpc, and 50 on .gsd, neither would allow me to download. Well, thanks anyway.

Jun Bug House said...

Won't let me download.
It says my time has expired.

Kelly said...

Thanks, Tina!

Caroline said...

Thankyou for the freebie, it is gorgeous!

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

Thanks for the file!

Tonya said...

thanks for the cute card file. I love making card and this will be a fun one.

Christine said...

Hi Tina...thanks so much for the lovely file!

cal8007 said...

Thanks so much for your freebie!


Lynn Barwald said...

Thanks Tina! Great file! Lynn B

kswjeff said...

Thanks so much!

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